V2 Cigs Pro Series Vs VaporFi Orbit

v2 Pro Review 011 V2 Cigs Pro Series Vs VaporFi Orbit

With so many brands of e-cigarettes available in the market and newer ones being introduced, it can be quite overwhelming to choose the one that is best for you. Here, we will review and compare two of the top most e-cigs available in the market today – V2 Cigs pro Series and VaporFi Orbit.

V2 Cigs Pro Series

The V2 Pro Series is unique in the sense that it use magnetic connection to hold the charger, battery and the cartridge together. This allows the parts to be held together in a snap without having to screw them. One does not have to worry about getting them too loose so that the content in the cartridge spills out. Another feature that vapers are going to love is the fact that one can use three types of materials with the cartridges – e-liquid, tobacoo and wax. This allows vapers to use just one ecigarette for all these without having to switch to different ones. The device will automatically identify the kind of cartridge you are using and adjust its operating temperature according to it. The device will never overheat the cartridge and takes less than 2 seconds to heat up. The vape it produces is also great in volume. Another striking feature is that it has a USB charger that will allow users to smoke even while the device is charging.

VaporFi Orbit

VaporFi Orbit is a device that is intelligently made featuring the best engineering and design. However, Orbit can be used only with dry herbs. The device is user friendly and easy to use. The battery life is quite long so one need not charge it every day even if you are a regular smoker. The heating chamber is advanced and users can easily open the cartridge and fill it with dry herb. The device is simple and does not come apart but has internal pieces such as the screens that can be removed.

Which is Better?

If you are looking for a flexible vaporizer to be used with different kind of compound, then V2 Cigs Pro Series is a better choice. While VaporFi Orbit is the perfect choice for dry herb vaping, it lacks the flexibility that most vapers are looking for in a ecig today. V2 Pro Series is more versatile and much easier to use and clean. There are no buttons that needs to be pushed constantly or any dial to twist. V2 Pro is much advanced compared to the Orbit as it can detect the kind of material you are using for vaping and adjust its setting automatically. Another disadvantage of using Orbit is that it has not disclosed the materials it has used for its interior and exterior parts such as plastic, steel or ceramic. These information is clearly stated on the packaging by other vaporizers in the market including V2 Cigs Pro Series. Even though the price of VaporFi Orbit is more affordable, it fails to meet up with the expectation of the sophisticated vapers who are looking for more than just another vaporizer. V2 Pro Series is a revolutionary product that offers it users much more than other vaporizers in the market.